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What You Need to Know About Color in Design

In a recent study conducted by KissMetrics.com, visual appearance and color ranked more important to consumers than just about everything else when viewing marketing materials. In fact, ninety-three percent of … Continue reading

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Business Cards: Why They’re Still an Important Marketing Tool in the Digital World

With all of the talk about the importance of properly marketing your product or service, it’s important not to overlook the most valuable commodity of all: yourself. As much as … Continue reading

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How to Live Your Passion in Any Profession

We all want to live a purposeful life. Some individuals are lucky enough to be in a professional role that allows them to live out their passion through their profession. … Continue reading

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Avoid These Common Print Marketing Mistakes for Visually Compelling Content

Mistake #1: You Didn’t Keep It Simple   Why do you think audiences have gravitated towards visual print marketing content over the last few years? If you thought “because people … Continue reading

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Learning to Listen: The Hard Way

In the 70s, Italian aid worker Ernesto Serelli learned to listen to clients the hard way. His amusing tale of how he “helped” a village in Africa grow tomatoes, only … Continue reading

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Make Customer Loyalty a Bigger Part of Your Marketing Efforts

In the early days of your business, the goal of your marketing program was essentially a singular one: you tried to get your product or service in front of as many eyes as … Continue reading

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Leadership Sometimes Means Showing You’re Human

Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors, has seen her share of tough times. She took on the CEO mantle as one of the first female company leaders in the … Continue reading

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