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Conversational Marketing: Increasing Consumer Engagement

As a business owner, you undoubtedly understand the importance of marketing. What you may not be familiar with, however, is which marketing techniques work best. One marketing tactic that has … Continue reading

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3 Gems for Small Business Owners from Jack Ma

At a recent business leader meeting put on by American Express, Jack Ma from the Alibaba Group was the guest celebrity speaker. The reason why was that Mr. Ma was … Continue reading

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If You’re Not Already Blogging, Now Would Be an Excellent Time to Start

Many people fail to realize just how important blogs are to a successful business because they still think about what blogs used to be. In the early days of the … Continue reading

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Millennials Hate your Marketing — Here’s Why (and what you can do about it)

You’ve done it! ¬†You researched the young adult market, identified their buying power, and now that “just for millennials” campaign has launched and you’re waiting for the leads to roll … Continue reading

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Why Patience is One of the Most Important Qualities a Leader Can Have

The chasm between a leader and a great leader is a deep one. It is one that is often filled with qualities like clarity, decisiveness, courage, passion, and a healthy … Continue reading

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Your Willingness to Accept Feedback Will Affect All Areas Of Your Business

  Many people make the mistake of assuming that feedback automatically equates to complaining. After all, people tend to not speak up about issues unless the topic reaches a boiling … Continue reading

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The One-Trick Pony Syndrome

Have you ever heard the phrase, “a one-trick pony?”   Researchers believe the “one-trick pony” phrase comes from an entertainment background. According to research, the earliest reference was associated with … Continue reading

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