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The Magic of Dialogue Who doesn’t love a great conversation? There’s something compelling about swapping stories, sharing hurts, and multiplying joys as we connect together each day. Companies are finding … Continue reading

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  Women Leadership Matters in Business There are plenty of lists in business and the news. However, they frequently only represent one half of the human race with men. The … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why Data is Important for Your Business In 1854, the idea of clean sanitation in London was generally non-existent in the urban setting. There was no such thing … Continue reading

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  How to Lead by Example As a leader, the people you supervise watch your every move. To gain their confidence and trust you must provide an example they will … Continue reading

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A Single Red Feather It was a brilliant start to a lasting legacy. Conference organizers work hard to stage successful events, helping worldwide professionals network in meaningful ways, with long-lasting … Continue reading

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The Best Employee Benefit

“Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” – Steve Jobs The Best Employee Benefit   Work is life, and life is work. … Continue reading

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Sticky & Sour: The Next Step After a Bad First Impression

    What are some of your most awkward professional blunders? In a recent social psychology article, Heidi Grant Halvorson shared the story of her friend Gordon and his job … Continue reading

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