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Branded Promotional Products Make a HUGE Marketing Impact People love free stuff; they always have, they always will. This is why branded promotional products are so effective. It doesn’t even … Continue reading

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Never Underestimate the Value of Good Relationships Tattly was started almost on accident. Design blogger Tina Roth-Eisenberg¬†was looking at the temporary tattoos her daughter received at a birthday party, and … Continue reading

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  Brochures: An Incredibly Effective Marketing Tool Sometimes things become trends for a reason.¬†Case in point: brochures. Brochures are still incredibly effective marketing tools. Why?   Because Brochures Have Versatility … Continue reading

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Keeping Employees Engaged During the Dreaded Month of January Returning to work after the fun and exciting Christmas season can feel like an uphill battle. If you really want to … Continue reading

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Motivation Matters

Motivation matters. Why? Because without it we fail to thrive. Lack of motivation is linked to lethargy, depression, and higher employee turnover. In contrast, studies show goal setting (even goals … Continue reading

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Why You Should Try to Incorporate the Holidays Into Your Marketing Efforts

If it seems like more and more marketers are incorporating holiday-themed elements into their campaigns, you’re absolutely right. Though some may think this is a symptom of the commercialization of … Continue reading

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What Your Customers are Worth (and Why it Matters)

What is the value of a customer? What profit can they bring this week? This year? Over a lifetime? It may seem like a simple concept, but many small businesses … Continue reading

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