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Why Your Marketing Should Be Actionable Above All Else

  One of the traps that even seasoned marketing veterans often fall into involves crafting collateral that has far too much information for its own good. Marketing messages start out … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Find the Strength to Try One More Time

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an Olympic athlete, a NASA astronaut, or a leader in a major organization? The one trait that all of these individuals … Continue reading

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Print Marketing Is About Selling Value, Not Services

  There’s a common misconception that far too many marketers have that needs to be put to rest once and for all. A lot of people still seem to think … Continue reading

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Connecting Your Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

No matter the industry your business operates in, it is imperative to connect online and offline marketing techniques. Many entrepreneurs have found that the better they market themselves offline, the … Continue reading

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Don’t Throw in the Towel

Down but Not Out They say that the difference between baseball and life is perseverance. No matter how hard you swing in the batter’s box, three strikes always mean you’re … Continue reading

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How Has the Internet Changed Lead Generation?

There is no denying that technology has greatly revolutionized lead generation, especially in regard to the internet. Gone are the days of having to cold call prospects and knock on … Continue reading

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6 Over the Top Things to Look for in Business in the Future

Business isn’t going anywhere. In fact, here’s where the most probable types of market exchange will happen with customers according to famous futurists: Remember those Star Trek episodes where people … Continue reading

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